In Search Of 5-Paragraph Definition Essay Examples

Definition essays are meant to present an abstract phenomenon in concrete manner. Most of our attributes like anger, happiness; pathos, strong will et al may find a different definition in different hands. The same goes for systems such as corruption or violence.

Perfect elaboration

The definitive piece is meant to denude and then elaborate on the principle covering it from various angles. You may have too many things to write on the subject and so a 5-paragraph format I best suited to do justice to the piece.

A suggested topic

Now, suppose you are asked to look out for suitable examples to, say, define honesty. You have too many spheres to look into. Examples have a graded way to strengthen your perspective. When readers find that it has happened with something or somebody, they naturally identify with the premise.

Avenues for examples

You can pick examples from your neighborhood; family and even from the ancient statesmen and leaders like Washington. You can suggest how certain animals are honest with their prey and don’t look askance at other’ food. You can shed light on how certain people rise because they can honestly reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. You can also direct towards certain people that prefer to be honest if poor rather than a rich but dishonest man.

Crafting the piece

  • Now, crafting a 5-paragraph piece on an abstract trait may sound cumbersome. It however seems to flow on from the beginning. The first paragraph is meant to objectively define the trait. This is as general takedown; without any predilection or personal involvement.
  • The second paragraph would be about the positives of the trait. How it makes you a better person if you manage to use the trait to your advantage or manage to quell it (if it is a vice like corruption).
  • The third paragraph carries intrusive and explanatory examples. You should instinctively choose potent examples to stir the reader’s innards so that they feel the pangs of the trait. You should keep 3-4 credible examples in hand and meticulously place it.
  • The fourth paragraph is how to instill that trait and sustain its goodness in life. You can also suggest how the complete lack of this trait can vitiate and dilute your personality. Say, what would you be if you were dishonest to the core?
  • The fifth paragraph of the definition essay is a release. It should emphasize on the validity ad feasibility of the trait in today’s times. It will also feed on your creative ability to finish things.

How You Can Improve Your Skills?

Using our tips will make your writing skills much sharper so you will be able to finish any essay without much effort.

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