Immigration Policy

Many countries are today faced with complex situations because of the immigration issues. Merely because they do not have a clear policy that governs the way people get in and out of the country. Immigration involves the movement of people from country to another. Many reasons prompt the need to move. Many nations have put a restriction on movement of people. Some laws govern both permanent and temporary immigration requests. The primary concern for immigration is security concerns. In the United States, Immigration and Naturalization Act is given the mandate by law to process all immigration requests. The same body is only mandated to process 675,000 permanents immigrants into America. The US has, however, put some exceptions in case this number is hit. These conditions include the admission of professionals with skills that are valuable and needed by America, reunion of families, promoting diversity and protection of refugees. In the case of such situations, INA can admit more people into the US for permanent settlement than as stipulated.

Family Based Immigration

This is a policy in the United States that looks at the interest of family members and reunification. It gives a special right to all US citizens and the lawful permanent residents a chance to take in family members into America. This, however, has some restrictions too. This policy has two systems in which it allows family members to migrate to America. One of these systems is the immediate relatives and the preferred family system. There are no numerical restrictions for any immediate relatives. They, however, must meet some requirements. This policy applies only to couples of American citizens, minors of below twenty-one years whose parents are America citizens and biological parents to a US citizen above minor age. For a family preference system, there is an annual limit on the number of visas that can be processed. Petitioners must also be brothers and sisters above twenty-one years of age or spouses and children of LPRs.

Employment based immigration

There is a set figure of 140,000 visas that are set aside for people that immigrate to the US for employment. There are different categories of these visas and they are subdivided into five classes of preference. This was in the aim to make sure that America can source for skills that would help its economy grow. All these categories have their set numerical limits depending on the preference.

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