Middle-Class Delinquency Relationship To Gangs

It is in times of unfulfilled desires that delinquent behaviors are most prominent. In a society where the rich are getting richer and poor are further burdened with the ever increasing prices, it should not be a surprise when crime rates begin to rise. The poor may eventually come to accept their status in society as the under-privileged, but it is the middle class who have the strongest desire to come up to the level of their upper-class counterparts.

In the eastern part of the world family values and traditions closely tie the family members together. These traditional values are most prominent amongst middle class families which are still considered conventional and not yet modern. On the other hand, the lower class in an attempt to fulfil basic needs foregoes all familial values and traditions. Consequently, in the East it is most common for lower-class people to be part of delinquent gangs for the simple reason of fulfilling basic necessities essential for survival.

In the western part of the world, traditions and values are not as prominent, thus, individuals from all classes are equally likely to become delinquents. However, the greater the financial power the fewer will be the chances for individuals to join delinquent gangs.

The middle class is most aware of the perks and benefits that the privileged class gets; thus, their desires are stronger than anyone else. Hence, it is also no surprise that middle class individuals are inclined to join these delinquent gangs. Teenage individuals who become part of these illegal gangs grow up with a delinquent mindset and eventually get stuck in this vicious cycle. If caught they are sent to prison and the future of these individuals is at stake and they are mostly stuck with the label of a delinquent.

However, not all delinquents become part of institutional gangs. Many people remain as individuals and carry out whatever illegal or unlawful activity they may be involved in. One way to understand individual delinquents can be to consider it their drive to remain independent in the decisions they make. Moreover, some people do not like to be told how to behave and these individuals may possess a similar nature.

Regardless, of class association delinquents may emerge from any social class. It is the mind-set of these individuals that leads them to this path. Whether crime is committed in a group or individually it remains a crime and is a punishable act. Hence, it may be unfair to assume there exists a specific relationship between middle-class delinquents and gangs.

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