Top 27 Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

If you are a student worth your weight in salt, you must have cherished writing argumentative essays. It brings a fresh breath of pristine air when everything around you appears stale. There is a rare charisma and magic involved with these pieces.

The various traits

You must have observed several tendencies in your life and must still be doing so; traits which you detest or feel can be remarkably improved; the societal constraints; women’s equality issue; education system et al.

A blank mind

Yes, writing these pieces requires a blank mind with no prejudice carried from past experiences. Even a well-heeled bank may pose a hitch to a customer; but that should not take an enormous toll in its efficiency.

The interesting topics

Think of catchy topics; those that are relevant and have the capacity to straightaway involve the readers. Weigh the pros and cons with fervent analysis and a potent scale. Cut a fine work out of it. Meanwhile, here are 27 interesting argumentative essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Should the criminals be made to suffer such filthy condition in jail?
  2. Will societies ever change its mindset on puritan issues?
  3. Should students be allowed to pick their teachers?
  4. Are short skirts an essence of independence or vitiation?
  5. Should mass media be pruned off its overall impact?
  6. Should there be censorship on pornography?
  7. Should live-in relations be accorded similar weight as marriage?
  8. Should polar bears be caged for human pleasure?
  9. Should USA lessen its streak of dominance?
  10. Will oil ever cease to be?
  11. Should it be mandatory for homes to conform to energy consciousness?
  12. Is a woman in a top position acceptable by men below her in corporate offices?
  13. Should global history be written again in an unprejudiced way?
  14. Should prime time soaps be free of adverts?
  15. What is a bigger vice – Prostitution or gambling?
  16. What is a bigger vice – Smoking or alcohol?
  17. Should marital rape be punishable with life imprisonment?
  18. Should moral policing be mandatorily choked?
  19. Does the casting couch syndrome exist even with famed models?
  20. Are women to blame for their objectification on celluloid?
  21. Should sexual awareness be clinically spread in high schools?
  22. Should contraceptives be sold to guys and girls 16 years of age?
  23. Should military and police work hand-in-hand?
  24. Does voting actually still have the power it exuded 3 decades ago?
  25. Should celebrities be allowed to get their clones?
  26. Should celebrities be fined for endorsements of fake products?
  27. Should rugby’s aggression be diluted?

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