Composing An Excellent College Essay About Drug Abuse

An essay about drug abuse belongs to “problem-solving essays”. This means that you should write about reasons, factors that contribute to this social menace, and the solutions which can be used to fight this community threat. In order to do that, you will need to gather some information about types and routes of drug abuse and people at risk. More ever, it is necessary to know the methods, which can help the community to eradicate this societal endangerment. Consequently, reading the following hints will be beneficial .

To write an essay about drug abuse you should

  • Form your essay into four parts. Firstly, you should start with an introduction. Then, the body of your essay and finally your conclusion
  • In the introduction you should write about that the whole community is in danger because of drug abuse. Also, therefore, it is critical to recognize that the solutions of this problem depend on the detection of the causes responsible for the appearance and extension of this problem. The causes which can push a person to be a drug addict.
  • The body of your essay should compose of 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph will discuss the causes of drug abuse. Take into consideration, that the causes of drug abuse are many including individual, domestic and social causes. Hence, it is very important to support the causes with examples. In the second paragraph, you should write about the bad effects of drug abuse and how it can destroy individuals and in sequence the communities. Similarly, fortify the second paragraph with real examples. In the third paragraph, you will enumerate and elaborate the available solutions. Thus, you should know that the solution can entail education, families, and society. Also, as has been noted before, examples should be part of your solution, because it evokes the reader to focus more on your ideas and to motivate him to continue reading. And in accordance with your skills, you can extend the body of the essay to include many reasons and solutions.
  • The last part of your essay is the conclusion. In the conclusion, you can sum up your essay. It should be brief and concise. Do not forget to mention your personal opinion and your perspectives about this severe problem.

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