My Hard Times In Life

The life is full of events that happened since birth to end of life’s moment. It helps to understand the world and shapes our perception to behave towards our environment. Some events change your life and stay alive in the rest of life as it happened in the last day. It helps to understand the reality of life and change our behavior to respond our culture as encouraged us to face difficult events with patience. We learn a lesson from these events to avoid happening again in case of a mistake to have serious loss that is never recovered in the rest of life.

As I was 15 years old, my grandfather had a road accident while going to the office. I heard a phone ring and picked by my grandmother to answer it. She sits down with panic saying, “O My God” and asked me to get ready to go the hospital. We reached hospital in 20 minutes and found my grandfather in ICU. We asked to the doctor about condition and got reply that this is in serious condition and trying to save him. After one hour we entered into the ICU and saw my grandfather who was in an unconscious condition and did not able to understand me and my grandmother. My grandmother was trying to overcome her feeling, but it was very difficult to stay calm at this moment. After one day, my grandfather dead in ICU and we were helpless to do anything to save his life. This was a great shock to my grandmother and me to have this incident.

My family experienced troublesome times, and it was difficult to stay created for one another. It images to see somebody who once bore you behind him, and grinned gigantically stay there and not react back to you. There are a few things I don't think I'll have the capacity to do in life, similar to I'll never have the capacity to be as solid as my grandma. I know my granddad is still alive in him, and step by step, even as it deteriorates, I get more grounded, and our security as a family gets more grounded. I have seen such a variety of marvels through what appears like a disaster, and have picked up so much despite the fact that I now and then feel like I lost the most vital individual in my life, despite the fact that he is still alive. Tragedies make us more grounded, they make us to a greater extent a man, and they give us more character.

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