Human Rights

The term human rights if looked at are self-explanatory as is. These are rights inherent to all humans irrespective of their race, language, gender or ethnicity. It is as simple as the fact that if you’re a human born into this world you instinctively should be treated a certain way. This treatment is also a part of human rights, right of a human to be accepted in a society irrespective of their individuality. The term holds a lot of weight all over the world. Some of the examples are as follows:

Human Rights All Over The World

There is no country in the world that does not practice or does not aspire towards practicing human rights in one way or another. These are directed towards all:

  1. Homeless
  2. Poor
  3. Destitute
  4. Widows
  5. People belonging to a minority in terms of caste, color or ethnic beliefs
  6. Children and other similar individuals.

The purpose behind human rights is to ensure that no matter who the individual is, they are provided with a certain sense of security that they are humans are valuable not just to the community but also to the world. These human rights come to play particularly when a tragedy strikes and the individual feels there is no one there to take them by the hand.

For example, if a woman is widowed and has a child to look after, the laws of many countries ensure that the woman is provided with sufficient finances that allow her to continue a decent lifestyle without having to beg. This allows her to care for her child’s wellbeing and education and her own.

A very basic example of human rights in places abroad is the freedom to practice their culture and religion without feeling like a singled out entity. These rights ensure that no matter what religion that individual belongs to, he or she is welcomed into the community with open arms and given the safety that any other resident of the country is given.

The reason why implementation and belief in human rights is important is to ensure peace and harmony between people who strive and exist together. These are people with different interests, beliefs and backgrounds. They all come together, unite and hold one opinion on the single more important truth and that is that each individual must be provided with the basic human rights. The right to live and the right to live well.

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