Argumentative Essay Topics: How To Find A Good Idea

Have you ever hard it hard to start an argument? The world runs on because there is difference of opinion; remarked Mark Twain once. You feel Federer will win the Wimbledon while he may root for Nadal. You may assume Vettel to win Formula 1 championship and his instinct may direct towards Hamilton.

Easy to conjure

Argumentative essay topics are thus quite easy to create and conjure. You merely need to think about a topic which stokes a debate. Talking about debates, ‘Should annual debate be a part of students’ cultural development?’ can be a fetching topic.

You need to work your psyche out to methodize the topic. The heredity, environment, upbringing; virtue and vice are all great platforms for the topic. So are the abstract phenomena such as honesty, diligence and flair. Patriarchy is one of the most rocking topics in today’s context.

Lifestyle demands

You can move towards the lifestyle requirements. Teen pregnancy, abortion, free sex offer a somewhat titillating angle. Diabetes and obesity offer the other ends of the spectrum. Night parties and live-in relationships add color to the sequence. They all are great plinths for the creation of the topic.

The varied avenues

You may also get to some brazen concerns of the day; traffic, pollution; population; unemployment, racism; sexism, women equality et al. All these patterns are deep-seated in the city’s conscience and can always be debated on, even if they are well-oiled and functional. Energy consciousness is another avenue to make a trajectory on.

Remain unprejudiced

While penning these pieces, you should understand the texture of the topic and thus create a balance. You should give equal weight to both the highs and lows of the confrontation. It is strictly disallowed to hold biased opinion on the matter.

Here are 10 argumentative essay topics for your purview

  1. Should railways be globally privatized?
  2. Should certain heritage structures be allowed to demolish to create living areas for the emerging population?
  3. Are we right in caging animals for our enjoyment?
  4. Doesn’t the logic of giving more weight to women in a bid towards women equality actually too feminist?
  5. Should students be allowed to choose their homework?
  6. Should there be a different fee structure to offer special privilege to the economically better placed students?
  7. Is it right to perceive immigrants as the facilitators of drug trafficking?
  8. Does USA have the tendency to sometimes go over-dominant to prove its point?
  9. Will the world benefit from a single global currency?
  10. Has the emergence of AIDs and relevant awareness actually made teenagers more addicted towards sex?

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