Airport Security

Globalization has given diverse opportunity to spread development in today’s fast pace moving world. In fact, talking about the US, thanks to the exceptional globalization, it has been shown that there are approx. 850 million passengers, who have traveled through air mode in 2014. This figure involved both, local and international scope of traveling. Hence, it would be inevitable to make sure the security of the airport remains intact or robust, considering people’s safety in the center. So, this paper will discuss why the US needs sturdy or integral airport security. It will also talk about existing security mechanisms and recommendation for it.

The US has been regarded as an enemy of many terrorist groups. Many terrorists and associated groups, such as ISIS and so on have vowed to destroy the US. In truth, the September 11 attack was its prime example. And even today, after almost 15 years, the War on Terror has been in force to eradicate terrorism from this world. Apart from the external threats, the US also has specific internal threats as well. In view of this, as per some researches, it is found that TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has caught many delinquent occurrences at checkpoints, such as firearms in bags, many unsafe items, mysterious inert items, explosive devices, knives, machete, Marijuana, unauthorized pills and so on. Therefore, from the crime standpoint, it is sensible to have a particular security mechanism at the airport settings, which should serve up to the mark in securing voluminous travelers.

Currently, the TSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for safeguarding travelers in the US. Having nearly 47,000 transportation security officers, it takes care of different screening procedures (identification), pat-downs, full body scanning, luggage examinations, and so on other security practices. However, some sources have found that, roughly 15000 airports at various states, TSA misses the mark at some junctures, such as securing flight, alarm’s failure, vulnerable screening technology, pat-down screening, and so on. So, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has to restore or reengineer the security structure. Similarly, they should introduce newfangled security features and equipment to check security loopholes.

In a nutshell, it is clear that the US requires unbroken security at the airports due to external and internal factors. Consequently, it is worthwhile to take security level at the higher end of the scale in the existing security structure at the US airports.

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