Composing An Outstanding Persuasive Essay About Abortion

Abortion is one subject that many people have very strong opinions about. When you are trying to write a good persuasive essay you can have your opinion but you must be able to back your opinion with facts. Here are some ideas on how to compose an outstanding persuasive essay about abortion:

  • The first thing you have to do is take a stance. You can’t be on the fence about the stance you are taking. You must take a strong stance and be very direct. If you can’t take a strong stance, don’t write about that subject.
  • Abortion is one subject that many people take a stance about. Choose one side of the subject and give a strong statement that you are going to spend your entire essay proving. Your goal is to convince your audience to agree with you by the end of the essay. You can do this by giving convincing arguments that you have proof for.
  • Your introductory paragraph should clearly state your stance on the subject and tell the reader why they should agree with you. The next few paragraphs will be spent proving why your stance is the right one. Each paragraph should have one proof for each. Start with a strong sentence for each paragraph that is proof for your stance.
  • Each of your paragraphs of proof should have facts and statistics built in to back up your statements. Numbers are very convincing to many people. Quotes from famous people or professionals are also very convincing. Make sure each of your statements of proof has some sort of facts backing up your statements. It leads to the validity of your work.
  • Make sure your sentences are clear, short and to the point. Don’t try to confuse your reader with long, rambling sentences. Tell them exactly what you want them to know and make sure you do it with the proof you have gathered.
  • You can use a few tricks to convince your readers that you are right:
    • You can use quotations from people that are admired or looked up to
    • You can tell them repeatedly that you are right
    • You can tell them that something bad will happen if they don’t agree with you and show them how your stance will help the situation
  • Make sure your statements are written professionally and have lots of statistics. The more professional you sound, the more believable you will be.
  • Discuss the possible contradictions to your belief and dispute it quickly and easily so that it can’t be an option to your reader.

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