Advertising Industry

The advertising industry is deemed very important and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. There are a lot of inventions in new trends of advertisement. This is a fascinating experience and the world is headed in the right direction as advertisements are concerned. Despite all the development, the advertisement industry has not attained the perfect bar where all needs of clients are met. Agencies are still struggling to satisfy the great needs that are present today and continue to increase with each passing day. There are many requirements that are needed by many companies or customers today but are not available in one add or one form of advertisement method. Companies are still struggling to find different agencies for different needs. The requirements differ by company. They include social, digital, the traditional media and content requirements. There is still a missing add or mode of advertisement that would offer to a company a solution to all these requirements in just one add. It is, however, important to note that the advertisement industry has had a lot of growth in the past few years.

Government Regulations

There is a great need for the government to be involved in advertisements regulations. This should, however, be done with a lot of care so as not to scare away the advertising agencies. Advertisements should be legal, honest, truthful and decent. This can only be achieved by active involvement of the government. Governments should, however, have good communication between them the agencies, advertisers and the consumer watch groups. A positive way of these four stakeholders working together is important. Most governments have put in the open all the information that is necessary and that govern the advertisements. These are called the advertisement codes. With the increase in technology, a lot of changes are happening in the advertisement sector. The governing laws thus need to be reviewed so as to make sure that the above principals of a good advert are observed.

Importance of advertisement codes

Whereas advertisements are relevant and necessary for business growth, there is the need for it to be regulated so as to attain controlled development. Good advertisement codes give all businesses a leveled playing field. It enhances healthy competition leading to growth and thriving of enterprises. Regulation codes also protect the consumer from exploitation via misleading information and dishonest advertisements. With information availability today, consumers can make important decisions about the products they buy regardless of the advertisements.

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