Discrimination In The Labor Force

Discrimination in the labor force is said to be the marketplace valuation of workers personal characteristics that are not related to the workers productivity. That differentiation of employees regarding their color, origin, race and gender with those factors not determining his work productivity is directly referred as labor discrimination. There exist different dimensions that require to be considered in the case of labor discrimination discussions. The most common aspect is that in which the people discriminated against receive less salary for the same job that is referred to as wage discrimination. Mitigation approaches in that case of labor discrimination are by having equal pay legislations in the labor forces. A second form of labor discrimination is in stereotyping a certain group. An example is in the case where the unemployment rates are higher in the group being discriminated against than another group; this can be based on gender or ethnicity. Another form of discrimination is based on the types of jobs that a certain group can have access to, and this is referred to as employment discrimination. When this form of discrimination occurs, the discriminated person gets a job that he or she is over-qualified.

Gender discrimination in workforce

Gender discrimination has been witnessed in numerous forms of employment and labor forces that have caused gender gap to differ by class. In social groups with higher education level and income, women get more opportunities to decide her occupation than the low-class groups. However, the higher income women do not promote opportunities in the case of top-level position. The result for that is the gender disparity in promotion and wage. Gender disparities usually lead to more people looking for second jobs at night after normal work hours. These groups of women usually get low incomes, and their chances of promotion are limited. Discrimination in many societies has led to women taking part in labor force under unfavorable employment conditions.

Customer discrimination

Customer discrimination is a personal prejudice by a consumer in that they prefer to do business with people who belong to a given group over the others. Customer discrimination is still prevalent in today business that has led to segregation of jobs whereby the minority groups is segregated into types of jobs that do not need contact with customers at all. Secondly this form of discrimination is going to impact the society in a negative way since the manufacturing sector has and continues to decline. The service sector has gained rapid growth meaning most of the jobs will require having face to face contact with the consumers.

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