How Not To Sound Sexist In An Essay On Why Females Are Better Students Than Males

There is a major difference between making a sexist comment and writing about an issue on sexism in a professional and straightforward manner. The best course of action is always to make your point or points clearly and above all to be able to substantiate them. Facts will always trump opinions. This is why in an essay on why females are better students than males it is seriously important that you have access to all relevant data.

There are many reports and surveys which have been conducted by reputable organizations and which simply state the facts. Looking into the issue of which gender makes the better student and why is a common subject. And it is this type of information you need to include in your essay. The point being that generally speaking, and that's a key point you need to include, females do better in exams than males.

You will not sound sexist in your essay if you stick to the facts. By quoting reputable authorities and reports, your essay will be balanced and devoid or any prejudice. These are some of the issues you should consider.

  • Have the surveys concentrated on coeducational or single-sex schools or both?
  • Have the surveys been applied to only certain subjects for example science and maths?
  • Have the surveys only dealt with a particular year level or levels?
  • Is there a distinction in the surveys between students in public education and those in private schools?
  • Are the surveys based solely on examination results and if so which form of testing or examination has taken place?

Obviously any survey needs to be examined for its scope and terms of reference. A headline that girls make better students than boys is only a cursory glimpse into the subject. You need answers to all the above questions to satisfy yourself that the survey is appropriate and was conducted by experts.

It is easy to avoid the criticism of your writing sounding sexist by sticking rigidly to the facts. There is a great deal of information available and making any claims or statements in your essay, provided you are able to back up your claims by referring to published and a professional survey results, you will produce an essay which is not only factual but also free from any form of sexism.

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