United States Foreign Policy

The world is experiencing rapid globalization. This means that the interconnection between nations is at an all time high with the likelihood of growing ever higher with the increases in technology that help bolster linkages. All nations need policies that define how they deal with each other in circumstances like these and even previously when there were much sturdier divisions between nations and their citizens. This essay looks at the foreign policy developed by one of the most powerful nations in the world, the United States of America.

What is the main idea behind that policy?

The foreign policy has the official purpose of guiding interactions between America and other nations for the ensured prosperity and security of all parties. There is also a clear emphasis on the promotion and spread of democracy. This is the stated goal however it may be convincingly argues that the real goal behind the actions that are based in this policy is not always congruent.

How has the policy been used?

The policy in its current form was very much influenced by the events surrounding World War 1. This was the point at which America began to take a more active role in international politics and come into its own as a super power in its own right rather than merely a former colony of a real power. This standpoint was further cemented during World War 2. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor made the non interventionist strategy seem like it implied weakness. Following that moment, the American armed forces have been deployed to countries far and wide and in conflicts that are not always directly connected to their own interests. The decision to maintain good terms with neighbors has resulted in the formation of strong military alliances.

How has the policy been misused?

It is clear that many nations have desperately needed the intervention of stronger countries to stop human rights abuses but there are declassified documents that outline how leaders have been assassinated to make way for U.S. Corporations they might have rejected. Countries have also been invaded in order to secure access to natural resources (most often oil) that were theirs to distribute as they desired.

Being a country with power comes with responsibilities. Many nations have benefited from American intervention but others, such as Vietnam, have suffered greatly as well. Foreign policy requires regular review to function fairly.

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