Quick Tips On How To Make Notes For Writing An Essay

When it comes to writing an essay, you may want to take notes first. It is the quickest and easiest way to get your work done. Most people think that taking notes takes too much time and ultimately causes you to take longer writing the essay. However, this is not necessarily the case. The main issue when taking notes is that most people take too many of them. Remember that they are designed to remind you of the information that you read and remind you of the things that you want to include in your paper. Most people will include all of the information in their notes and that does take a long time. Here are some quick tips on taking good notes that you can use to write a successful essay.

Start with the source information

Before actually taking any notes, you will want to write the source information at the top of your page. That way you will have all the information that you need to write your paper if you use the idea. It is suggested that you put it in the correct format so that you can just paraphrase the information in your paper and then cite it. If you don’t put the source information on the same page, you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out where you got the note from that you will be adding in your essay.

Read the piece in entirety

Before taking any notes, you will want to make sure that you read the entire source first. That way you know the information that you will need to remember. Jot down a few notes that capture the essence of the paper instead of detailed notes on the entire piece. Think of it as a summary of the paper. You can always find the source again if you needed more information.

Write neatly

The worst thing that you can do is take notes that you can’t read. You will have wasted all of that time writing the information down and you won’t even be able to use it. You can also write them on index cards with the source information on the back. That way when it comes time to write your essay, you can put them in the order that you want to talk about them and it becomes a much more organized process.

Notes are important and necessary to the writing process, but you have to make sure that you take them correctly so that they help the writing process.

How You Can Improve Your Skills?

Using our tips will make your writing skills much sharper so you will be able to finish any essay without much effort.

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