Recommendations On How To Write An Essay Describing Yourself

An essay based on one’s own self is one of the easiest papers since it does not require a lot of research. This is because you are more conversant with yourself, thus the entire writing process becomes less complex. The most common formatting structure is the five - paragraph format. However, if you have being directed on how to format your work, follow the given instructions. Below are steps that will direct you on how to write the perfect personal piece of work:

Brainstorm on what you may want to write

Have a list of every idea that pops out of your mind. In addition, you could come up with a flow chart that contains different sections of your life. One's life encompasses of so many areas, therefore, you can never lack on what to talk about. This could be friends, family, relationship, sports, education and many more. Afterwards, since you need a simpler topic, narrow down on the area you choose to write about. Example, if you decide to write about your family, talk of something like family life or building a strong family relationship.

Chronology of events

This only applies if you choose to write on a certain experience that you had, whether existing or sorrowful. Arrange all events in order of occurrence to ensure a good flow, when a reader is reading your paper.


Your readers need to be hooked up to your essay. This is only with the aid of a good introduction statement. Consider using a phrase, quote or favorite words that have been used by someone else to describe you.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement basically entails a highlight of what you will be tackling in your paragraphs. It is written in the first paragraph.

Develop and organize your body

Whether you decide to write three or more body paragraphs, each should contain its own idea, but all based on the main topic. Write down examples of each. In order for your paragraphs to have a good flow, use transitions such as: later, next, thereafter, another.

Have a conclusion

Sum up all your points in one paragraph, which is the conclusion paragraph. You can always rephrase your thesis statement. Finally, try and come up with a great conclusion.

Note: You don't need to feel compelled to use an academic/formal tone of voice. Use your own tone and let it come out naturally from within you.

How You Can Improve Your Skills?

Using our tips will make your writing skills much sharper so you will be able to finish any essay without much effort.

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