Essay Topics On Zombies: 22 Intriguing Questions

Zombies are usually portrayed as “undead” but dead animals and humans in various fictions and films. If you have been assigned an essay on zombies, it is important that you come up with a unique and impressive concept about zombies. You can get inspirations by reading about them or watching movies based on zombies. This way, you can get several ideas concerning these awkward creatures that are known to stroll untiringly even after they are dead. What about the notion that they can only be killed if their cerebrum is crushed? That merely cutting them into pieces cannot kill them? What about the notion that their bites and scratches can transform a person into a creature like them? All these can give you ideas.

If after reading and watching several zombie works and you are still not able to come up with a topic for your essay on zombies, here are top 22 intriguing questions that would make good write-ups for essays on zombies. They are as follows:

  • Why are zombie bites infectious?
  • Is crushing their cerebrum the only option to killing zombies?
  • What is the reason behind their ghost-like looks?
  • How can the rot be stopped?
  • What makes zombies come alive after they are dead as humans?
  • From where did zombie infection emanate?
  • Is there any form of humanity left in zombies?
  • Is it all bodily fluid contact that transforms one into zombie?
  • Is there any possible cure for zombies?
  • Do couples recognize each other after they are transformed to zombies?
  • Do zombies eat each other?
  • Do eating human beings make zombies smarter?
  • Can a pregnant zombie finally give birth to a young one?
  • Can zombies become lovers?
  • Would zombies survive without eating flesh?
  • Can zombies be forced to do manual labours?
  • Do zombies have anything to do with the afterlife?
  • Do zombies think before they act?
  • Can zombies be controlled and used in movies?
  • Can zombies be cooked and eaten in cases of extreme food shortages?
  • Would an alcoholic still be addicted after becoming a zombie?
  • Do female zombies experience hormonal surges?

These are some of the intriguing questions on which you can base your essay on zombies. You can also brainstorm further with your classmates, friends and siblings and you will be amazed by the number of unique topics about zombies you have before you.

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