Crafting An Elementary School Essay On Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Most of us love to have pets at home; but our tastes are different. While general preference is for cats and dogs, we have different choices for breeds. Then some invest in rabbits and parrots as well.

It is common to get an essay to write on cats and dogs. You can cover different angles on this; supposing it is not a compare and contrast piece. Actually the topic precludes that since it asks reasons why dogs are better pets than cats.

  • You can emphasize on the loyalty factor. Dogs are more loyal than cats; period. They are also light sleepers which make them emergent sentinels as a worthy protection. Cats meanwhile sleep like logs.
  • Dogs also have very frugal demand for food and can even survive hours of starvation. This gives you enough leverage. Cats, meanwhile, have to be fed regularly and this often jeopardizes a family outing.
  • Then again, dogs are more easily trained and keep to their space. Cats, meanwhile, have an affinity for soft mats and cushions and don’t think twice before taking their seat n the sofa or on the bed. This gets irritating for guests; if not hosts.
  • Also, dogs love to keep in shape and go through the rigorous drills; morning walks being an example. Cats, on the other hand, keep fit owing to their preying instinct. They are natural hunters and this attribute is verily curtailed at home. They have scant regard for the drills.
  • Also, dogs are more easy-on-the-eye. It is almost customary to meet friends with dogs and in this sense; dogs create a network of people out on morning walk. This can never happen with cats. Dogs are also less lethargic than cats. However, when it comes to surviving; cats have an amazing instinct. This is something that dogs can never imitate.

Cutting an impressive script

The above mentioned reasons are elementary and with them, your elementary essay will seem interesting. Yes, there is a catch. Cats appear and are actually more sophisticated than dogs. Even the most luxuriant breed of dogs are somewhat rustic. Cats, meanwhile, give an air of opulence to the visitors.

At the end of the day, it falls on your personal choice as to which pet you will like to keep at home. Only one thing is essential – you ought to keep good care of your pet. They deserve a neat life and lots of love.

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