Writing A Great 8th Grade Expository Essay Quickly

An expository essay is one of the most common types of essays that you will ever be asked to do. It is something that will be used every day in most jobs. It is basically an unbiased analysis with relevant facts and examples that is effectively and clearly communicated. The article is organized into 5 basic paragraphs as follows:

  1. Introduction- This is where you introduce what you are going to write about. In order to know what you are going to write about you have to do a few things. You need to do some research on your subject until you find a topic that interests you. Once you find something that interests you then you can research just that specific topic to find out more information. You will come up with your topic sentence by researching. State your main idea with no opinion. Also entice the reader by telling them what is going to be in the upcoming essay.
  2. Create an outline of your article. The outline starts out with your topic sentence and 3 supporting statements for that topic sentence. Once you have that you decide on how you want your conclusion to go. Once you have all of that done the hardest part of your writing is completed.
  3. Now you can begin writing your actual article. Use the outline and begin the rough draft. This article needs to be written in the 3rd person. Use the rough draft as your road map and begin writing. Add the details to all of your points that you laid out in your outline. Also make sure you use transitional words between your paragraphs so there is a nice transition and a gentle flow to your article.
  4. Your conclusion is the most important part of your writing piece. Don’t introduce anything new here. All you need to do is restate your thesis and discuss briefly your supporting points. Also try to give meaning to your thesis or a reason why it is important or meaningful to the reader.

An expository essay is an unbiased report on a topic that interests you. It is clearly and effectively written and is meant to communicate a statement and also included supporting facts to justify your statement. It is exactly what it states. It exposes a topic sentence and justifies what was said without any emotion.

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